Play with your food!

Wow! I can not believe it’s been this long since writing to this here!

Amazing how focus can change perspective! The focus of the past year has specifically been chocolate! Yes, chocolate. That devious creature of highly addictive persona. Not just the aspects of chocolate, the marketing and display of this beautiful creation. Now, since hiring a wonderful marketing firm, (JUXTIN MASTERS) i have had the pleasure of focusing on creation and development of products. Playing with food is So Much Fun!!!

I know this may come as a surprise. Truly, it’s not always really bad manners to play with your food!

Yes, flinging smashed potatoes at your sibling or the wall would not be nice, however playing with new foods, experimenting with new a combination can be a great adventure. Trying fruits with nuts and seeds. New dressings with exotic flair or just simple down home freak accident can give you the greatest joy!

As we become more aware of how our bodies react to certain foods or how the flavors of one food compliment the other, the more enjoyment we will get from fulfilling our daily need for calories and nutrients. The questions that always seems to pervade the mind, “What do I need?” or “What do I want?”

Getting down to basics:

What does your body need?

On a fundamental level of daily existence, we need Hydration, Calories, Amino Acids (to build proteins) and Pro-biotics. In that order.


Our bodies depend upon Hydrogen. 2/3 of the compound we consume in one form or another everyday, water is Hydrogen. Our bodies are factually a Bio-Electrical Hydrogen Engine with the most complex computer in existence. While consuming a liquid that has a High PH of 10-14 we will negate the acids in our stomach killing the bodies natural ability to break down foods, consuming excess acidity will increase our risk of dis-ease.

According to my personal experiences and empirical data collected in countless research projects maintaining an alkaline body will not only prevent disease, it will also reverse it! There are countless books written on the topic as well as many websites dedicated to helping individuals attain or maintain optimal health through education on acid and alkaline foods. The AAA is very helpful resource.

Hydration comes in many forms, the liquids we drink is just one. It has been found that the fresh fruits and vegetables we consume have naturally occurring alkaline water. This water is in its purest natural form when coming from clean food (non GMO, or pesticide ridden). Because the water is in its natural state is what is called “micro clustered” or in groups smaller than our cell. Standard water from a plastic bottle or the tap has collected into clusters larger than our cells. Then your body must secrete enzymes in order to break down and make use of. As we age this becomes a greater concern!


Calories are the fuel our bodies need in order to create or sustain the energy level needed based on our physical activity level. The kind of calories we consume will affect nearly every aspect of our health. Unadulterated calories from fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds need minimal preparation in order to be consumed and fully digested.

As you may have noticed there is an increasingly alarming rate of excessive weight (OBESITY) going on in our world today. While most media would have us believe that we need to figure out the cause, I believe we just need to get back to basics and follow our intuitions.

How does this happen?

Weight “Just happens” to get out of control when we consume “foods” devoid of any functional nutrition. Our body recognizes sugars and converts them to fats to store for later use. When these sugars are denatured and empty there is no benefit to the calories beside a quick burst in our blood sugar. Excessive blood sugar spikes eventually breakdown our pancreas and diabetes forms.

Fats also store toxins as a method of protecting our cells form the toxins. Our bodies are amazing! No matter how much abuse we throw at them they will always strive to maintain homeostasis.

Simply put, no matter what we throw at our Temple, it will always strive to maintain a perfect balance, the more balanced our choices in dietary consumption the easier we make it for our body. The easier it is for our body to use the nutrients we consume the less quickly we will age.

Amino Acids -10001452_10152030641103715_6001202_n

The many theories around the protein myth say we must consume animal proteins in order to build muscle. Beans, Vegetables, fruit and greens all contain amino acids. Let us imagine a brick and mortar building assembled as the protein to be broken down. Will that brick building be easier to break down and reassemble for our use with concrete and re-bar holding it together or a simple collection of bricks? So, maybe now you have a clear concept of the truth I have come to understand. Dark Leafy greens have the most Bio-available source of Amino acids.

We can see evidence of this simple Truth in nature. When cows, horses, or rabbits are eating their hay, fresh grasses, and legumes do they supliment with a protein shake or eating cooked beans or better yet a steak?


FOR LIFE! Just as simple as it gets! We need all the things that will be, “for life” in our life as we can get! Especially in today’s increasingly toxic environment. As the average human being progresses through life our bodies aging process is accelerated as it’s natural ability to release toxins is decreased. The micro-flora in our stomachs and intestines are depleted of functionality from a wide array of attacks. Acid forming foods and hot beverages upset the natural balance.

This can show up many ways. Physically as crows feet in the corners of our eyes, sagging skin on our arms, legs, cheeks and anywhere else gravity can take control. Slowed physical and mental functions, decreased short and long-term memory capacity. Emotionally, for anyone who fears death it may re-establish their symptoms of adolescence.

Pro-biotics come in many forms! Some more enjoyable than others. Basic capsules, liquids or foods.

My personal favorites, liquids and foods.

We CAN stop and reverse this accelerated aging process by giving our bodies the building blocks to create healthy new cells.

So, I challenge you to question what you think you know and take action to enhance your life while you are here. However focusing on our spiritual progress takes priority over our physical advancements.

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