Paradise! Chocolate! Angels! You!

Are you ready for Mother’s Day?

Do you appreciate the finest things in life?

Bring Mom or come pick out a gift for her and a treat for You in Paradise!

May 10th & 11th at the Paradise Chocolate Fest!

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We will be serving up a splendid assortment of Truffles, Nougat & Caramels.

$4 ea or 6 assorted for $20


Truffles, Nougat, and Caramels Oh, My!

Pure Love!


Come taste for yourself what True Love is like!


Thank You Chico!

Booked 6 months out!0101002320

Currently taking interviews for

Health Coaching and

Future – Personal Residential Restaurant Clients

Bring Your Food to Life!

Enjoy the Synergy Chef Infinite Menu!

Sharp Mind

Keep Your Mind Sharp and your Pencil Too!


Love your Food and Taste it too!!!

Ready to move your Health ahead to the next level?

Call for Your FreE 15 minute interview! Let’s get started on rewriting Your Health history!


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Live Organic

Live Organic!
Signs of the times!



2, 4, 6, 8 This is how we Collaborate!

Chocolate MousseAre you interested in ingredients and Food stuffs you can not find in Chico? Synergy Chef serves regularly in San Francisco, Sacramento, LA, and Portland, OR. If you have a favorite store in one of these cities where you can get that Special Ingredient?

Divine Raw Chocolate Mousse!

Come, Follow @ChefSynergy on Twitter and you will know when and where Synergy Chef will be visiting.

January 31st is the next planned trip to Sacramento. Visiting Vinh Phat for a plethora of Asian ingredients, Sac Coop for Lulu’s Chocolate and The Cultured Kitchen for Yumminess!

Connect with me and share your favorite stores and food stuffs you can not live with out or miss dearly since you moved away from…?

Looking forward to meeting you.

Joyful to be of service!


Hello Chico!

The Collaborative continues to grow and develop! Chef Richard is now operating in Chico,CA – Consulting, Collaborating and Creating fun food memories for many! Richard’s time is dedicated to enhancing the lives of his children and those around him. Enjoying the fully friendly, tightly knit, fiscally functional, co-operative community of collaborators with Powerfully infinite potential!

3rd person writing is fun!

Soon, one of You will bless SCC with your creative and elegant writing skills. If you have a passion for all things Food and would love the opportunity to communicate with the global community. Please think about sharing your research and experiences, please send a sample of your fine writing skills. HERE! Subject: “Wonderful Writer”

The Cultured Kitchen!

Chico needs You! Traveling to Sacramento this next week will be returning with a load of goodies from Beca’s well crafted delights. To get in on the Goodness text your order request to 916.572.6010 by Jan. 30 2013. Directions for pick up arrangements will be replied. Payment & order with The Cultured kitchen for Feb 1st Pick up.

The Smoky Cheddar Cashew Cheese will tantalize your taste-buds! Split Pea Soup takes me to some fond family memories with more flavor and 1000 X the nutrition! Ranch dressing that does not need to hide in the valley. Delectable Chocolate pudding that will remind you of that stuff Bill Cosby ate on TV laughing & lifting your vibrations to feel like you are floating on air!

Lu Lu’s Chocolate anyone? Lulu's Chocolate!

By FAR, the BEST RAW BAR! Bringing back a case or more from Sac coop since they stock some of the bars. Text subject: LuLu’s with your request for type and quantity to 916.572.6010 by Jan 30 directions for payment & pick up arrangements will be replied.

Happy to be here in Chico! Excited to co-mingle in our wonderful community. Blessed with many opportunities for service! Hope to see you Soon!